Alex Teen

I am a professionally certified Reflexologist through the Canterbury School of Reflexology, and have a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology with honours. I have trained in Foot, Hand, Ear, and Facial Reflexology. I am a professional member of Reflexology NZ Incorporated (RNZ) and committee member for the Southern Reflexology group.

After studying at university, I moved overseas to live for five years. I have worked in corporate roles in NZ and overseas, whilst bringing up my two boys with my husband. Through my own experiences, this has given me an understanding of the daily stresses that individuals face.

A childhood of fatigue and ‘brain fog’ due to food intolerances and digestive issues led to my first interaction with holistic therapies. Changes in my diet and supplements was my first step to increased energy, mental clarity and improved sleep. In 2017 I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent medical treatment. Integrating holistic therapies alongside my medical treatment, gave me strength and power on my journey back to wellness. It also gave me a greater appreciation of the importance of self-care to maintain wellness in all areas of our lives.

I found reflexology so gentle and non-invasive after going through conventional medical treatments with cancer that I wanted to share all the benefits that I had received with others. After graduating, I now continue with specialist training to further my knowledge, to provide support in all health goals of my clients.

Reflexology encapsulates my passion to bring ‘inner calm’ from daily stresses, and wellness to others.

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